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Does not have availability now and we do not expect availability in the future.
Donor Category ID Option
Ancestry Asian
Blood Type O+
Ethnic Background Chinese/Chinese
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Weight 59 kg (131 lb)
Skin Tone Medium
Eyes Brown
Hair Black/Straight
Degree BS/Chemical Engineering
Occupation Chemist
Interests Chess, Gaming, Music, Reading
Pregnancy Reported
If there is a YES and you would like to have more information about this donor’s reported pregnancies, please contact Client Services at 800-338-8407 or click the "Click to Chat" button at the top of this page.
Photo Matching Yes
CMV Status Negative
Age Range at Donation 18-22
Astrological Sign Scorpio
Favorite Subject Arts, Mathematics, Natural Science
Religion Other (Agnostic)
Favorite Pet Dog (Husky)
Personal Goals Community Service, Financial Security, Marriage/Family, Recognition, Rewarding Career, To Be Happy, To Help People
Talents/Hobbies Chess, Gaming, Reading
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Get to know the donor

Donor 4524 is kind and open minded. His parents taught him early the importance and value of honesty and courtesy. He is outgoing, personable, very intelligent, punctilious, and dedicated to succeed. He is studying to be a chemical engineer yet continues to be a dedicated musician having played the violin for over 10 years. His essay is exceptional. He has beautiful straight black hair, striking, deep brown eyes tall and a lean physique that he keeps in shape with almost constant activity. His warm, inviting smile brightens-up his entire face.

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